A successful tour!

World Brass rehearsing before Thursday's concert The students hearing "Fnugg!" for the first time Our quintet concert review in the Jülich local paper this weekend The last three weeks have been pretty hectic with lots of travel, concerts, and workshops. This week I have returned to Dresden and am catching up with many things including some arranging of Piazzolla for our violin/tuba duo. We had our first rehearsal last Saturday in Cologne and we have decided on a programme of music to arrange, with the emphasis on folk melodies from different countries. We are also luckily having 3 brand new works written for us by Mijin Oh from South Korea, Johannes Marks from Germany, and Daniel Cueto from

This week...

Greetings from Bad Durkheim, in Germany's wine region! This week I am away with World Brass rehearsing for our concert tomorrow in Bietigheim. The programme has one piece without tuba so it gives me an opportunity to catch up on some updates and some practice for some up-and-coming auditions. I am just coming to the end of a crazy three-week trip away with several ensembles, and looking forward to getting home on Friday. The quintet had a successful education outing last Thursday in Jülich, as well as a well-attended concert which was very well received. You can check out my Facebook page for a highlights video from this concert. Alternatively you can catch it on the YouTube channel for Eige

On the road again!

​ I am once more time travelling across the country to Köln, where I meet up again with the quintet this evening for a quick meeting about our education workshop tomorrow in Jülich. I feel like I live on the ICE train for the past 6 months... I am very excited/nervous about this workshop, as although I've performed many many workshops in English this will be my first in German! One and a quarter hours by myself with the kids. I really hope they understand me. If anything, it will be a very educational experience for me as well as the kids! In my short connection at Köln I am meeting with another friend and collaborator Ani Eade Bitan, a violinist from Spain who is living in Köln, and we are

A few days free!

Hello again! Today I am writing from Dresden, where I am just home long enough to do my laundry after our quintet's successful concert last Saturday in the Kulture Bunker Köln. The concert was a great end to a very fun and productive week in Bad Fredeburg. I have just finished repacking to head off for the next ten days with Eigelstein Brass, World Brass and the Follow Me's. I have several rehearsals, concerts and workshops coming up over the next few days. Tomorrow I head off and begin with our workshop in Jülich with the quintet. More updates soon. F


Greetings from Bad Fredeburg! This week I am away rehearsing with my quintet for two concerts and an education workshop, which will take place next week in and around Cologne. We started today with a run-through of the whole programme, followed by several hours of great rehearsal attacking Berio's "Call", Turner's "Ricochet for Brass Quintet" and Reich's "Clapping Music", which was an interesting moment! We at least got from the start to the end together - I cannot vouch for the section in the middle due to the focus required on not getting lost in my own part! Counting one bar 12 times then shifting the beat all the time is more challenging that it might sound... I will try and update every

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