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A Change of Scenery

Hello from Innsbruck, Austria. Not much been happening this week with a nice break after the tour to Portugal with Eigelstein Brass, finally getting settled into my new apartment and finding my feet in this gorgeous city in the Alps. One thing about being a freelancer and moving to a new place is to start networking and to make some opportunities happen yourself, instead of waiting for the phone to ring. My quintet have been very active over the past few days with several Skype conference calls (technical nightmare!) to plan how we are to organise the coming season. I have been listening to the fantastic and extremely insightful podcast from ex-Boston Brass tuba player Andrew Hitz, called "The Entrepreneurial Musician" which I thoroughly recommend to anyone who is needing a bit of inspiration on the matter of business and surviving in this industry. I came across Andrew and Boston Brass whilst playing in my old quintet Pure Brass. We received one of my most memorable masterclasses to date from that group which brought us up to another level both musically and as a business. Please check it out as it is very worth while! Today's picture is just a wee snap I took from my new city centre of some of the incredible mountains surrounding my new home. I hope you enjoy it! More news Soon. F

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