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Happy New Year!

Greetings and Happy New Year from a rather rainy and cold Berlin! I am currently away for two weeks on tour with World Brass in several different cities throughout Germany and one final concert in a few days in Luxemburg. We have already performed 3 concerts in Oldenburg, Bremen and Quedlinburg. Yesterday was a well deserved free day in Berlin where I managed to catch up with a friend who studied with me in Glasgow on the ERASMUS exchange programme a few years ago. It was great to catch up! Tonight we head to travel to Zossen which is a 45 minutes from Berlin for another concert. I hope to post more updates of this tour throughout this week as I have managed to get connected to steady wifi here which proved previously difficult! So until then I wish you all the very best whatever your plans for this New Year may be and look forward to bumping into some people along the road this year wherever you all are! F

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