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The End of the Tour!

Tonight saw the end of a great tour with Ensemble CONfusion, a group comprising of three modern music groups from Dortmund, Aachen and Detmold. The five concerts had a really good attendance which made all of the work in the intense rehearsal phase completely worth it! Tonight's final concert took place in the venue below, which was an old factory with a great acoustic and cool style. As well as the giant piece by Xenakis we performed pieces by younger up-and-coming composers living in Germany. In a small ensemble of six we performed a piece by Mijin Oh from South Korea. It explored interesting new sounds and was very enjoyable to play and always had very positive feedback from the audience. From this project I have teamed up with Ani, a fellow member of Sinfonia NRW and we have asked Mijin and also Johannes Marks, the ensemble director, to write a couple of pieces for our new duo. Very exciting times and I hope to share some more news on this collaboration in the coming months! Best, f

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