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Emerging from the silence!

Greetings from yet another new home! This time Dresden! Hopefully I will be here for longer than Innsbruck! I write this post from my brand new flat in the Neustadt of the city, which has a lot going on, and I am excited to get to explore another new place which I call home.

The picture above was from last week's short concert with Eigelstein Brass in Dortmund for the Wilo foundation. The company are involved in renewable energy, with their main business being water pumps. They were opening a new factory which will see many new jobs in the city, and we were playing just after the first brick of the foundations was laid on Monday last week.

In other exciting news, I have been working very hard over the past month with a brand new website for the quintet: I spent quite a bit of time on it and I am quite proud of the results! We are also meeting this coming Sunday for a week of intense rehearsal in Schmallenberg - Bad Fredeburg, where we will work on a programme for two concerts and an education workshop, all of which will take place in and around Cologne in the following week. It has been a very productive month for the group and I am immensely proud of being part of the process of making things happen for ourselves!

Following the quintet week I will travel directly to Bad Durkheim for another project with World Brass which shall result in a concert in Bietigheim, Germany. The programme for this includes some classic arrangements of the Carmen suite and American in Paris, as well as original music for brass by Plog and Ives.

All of the information on the above concerts can be found on my events page, or alternatively you can check out the webpages for Eigelstein Brass and World Brass as well as their pages on Facebook.

More news soon.

F :)

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