On the road again!

I am once more time travelling across the country to Köln, where I meet up again with the quintet this evening for a quick meeting about our education workshop tomorrow in Jülich. I feel like I live on the ICE train for the past 6 months... I am very excited/nervous about this workshop, as although I've performed many many workshops in English this will be my first in German! One and a quarter hours by myself with the kids. I really hope they understand me. If anything, it will be a very educational experience for me as well as the kids!

In my short connection at Köln I am meeting with another friend and collaborator Ani Eade Bitan, a violinist from Spain who is living in Köln, and we are planning a concert with new music for the unusual duo of Violin and Tuba. We have decided to name ourselves the Jalons duo. We have a great composer working with us: the Dortmund-based musical director of the Sinfonia NRW, Johannes Marks. Hopefully after today we will have a little bit more information about our future plans.

I look forward to letting you know how my education workshop goes tomorrow!

Until next time!


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