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Follow Me’s, GLP and Happy Birthday Future Lab!

Hey folks! November and December is quite a busy time and I have been quite bad with my website updates! I am currently on a train somewhere between Leipzig and Frankfurt on the way to Köln for some concerts with the Follow Me’s. Two weeks ago we had a great tour where we played in Leipzig, Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg, then I jumped down on my free day to watch the Birthday celebrations of the DDKB Future Lab! It was a great night which showcased all of the fantastic work which the orchestra are doing in their community. I then headed down to Königswinter for a small two day wind band project which was definitely good for keeping my technique in shape! The Global Leaders Program is also keeping me pretty busy and continues to deliver very interesting lectures and assignments. On my recent travels I have been lucky to be able to meet up with two if the Cohort in Berlin and Dresden which was great! It’s a small world... Now I have to get back to plotting out Tuba Logistics for a crazy tour in January with the Estonian Festival Orchestra! F 🙂

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