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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone!

Tomorrow I am headed off to Chile to take part in the full cohort mission of the Global Leaders Program. As part of our trip we shall be learning from some of the leading practitioners in arts for social justice, such as Dr. Doris Sommer and Dr. Adriana Gutierrez on the process of Forum Theatre. This is a form of audience participation theatre in which the public can try and improve the outcome of the story by jumping in and taking the role of the crucial decision maker in the plot. To watch some of this theatre in action you can check out the creator of this form of theatre, Augusto Boal, perform a class at Harvard University at this link:

Following these classes we are splitting into groups of 4 and working within the community with several different groups. Our group shall be working with the local arts organisation, who are interested in creating a record label for their region. This should be an interesting project which I am really looking forward to.

On the 13th of January I fly from Puerto Montt to Estonia (via Santiago, São Paulo, Lisbon, and Oslo) to rehearse then go on tour with the Estonian Festival Orchestra, who are visiting 7 of the nicest concert halls around Europe. All of these dates can be found on my Events page on my website. The tuba is playing in Shostakovich's 6th Symphony and a premiere of the 9th Symphony by Tüür called Mythos.

So more news at the end of the month when I return from my travels.


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