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Hi Folks,

So I am finally back home! I arrived yesterday after a crazy two days of travel via Montego Bay, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Berlin and finally Dresden yesterday afternoon. A really extreme temperature drop of 36 degrees Celsius! Sunshine to Snow overnight!

The last week of my trip was absolutely amazing. It was packed to the brim despite the unfortunate timing of the teachers strike and the schools closing on Monday and Tuesday. Regardless of this I still managed to have three days at two of the centres of the NYOJ, give a masterclass at the University of Performing Arts, coach the Jamaican Defence Force brass players as well as a chamber ensemble at the University of the West Indies.

On the playing front it was also very enjoyable as I had the opportunity to perform the premier of "Heavy" which was well received by the audience at the University (video above) as well as perform a solo (The Bass in the Ballroom - Newsome) with the Jamaican Defence Force Band in their monthly concert in Hope Gardens as seen above.

All in all it was a really special, fun and informative two weeks. The people who I met were so friendly and welcoming and it was one of the best musical experiences I have had thus far in my career. We have already begun talks for a return visit possibly early next year, and I really cant wait to get started on the proposal for that!

So for those of you who were new to my Blog through the Global Leaders Program advertising, thank you so much for taking the time to check it out. For those of you who already were reading it thanks for sticking with me! Now I have a free week before heading to Bremen to begin rehearsals for the special anniversary DVD recording of the Brahms Requiem in April.

One last thing... if you have Facebook my official page is Fraser Russell Music, so please give it a follow. I am also on Twitter and Instagram as @tubafraze. Thanks!

More News Soon!

Fraser :)

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