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Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, a special birthday concert!
El Sistema Sweden Side by Side with GSO

Greetings from Dresden! June was a very busy month and also extremely stressful. Whilst on tour for two weeks, two instruments were stolen from my practise space. Luckily I still had one with me on the road however this was all quite a horrible experience in what was otherwise a fantastic month.

The Kammerphilharmonie once again took Brahms 2 on tour and we performed in Luxembourg, Bad Kissingen and the newly built Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg (see above!). This was an incredible building to play in and I loved the fact that the stage door was on the 14th floor...

In Kissingen Sommer we also performed the Elgar Cello Concerto with Sol Gabetta and the performance was featured on Bayrische Rundfunk.

I also spent a week in Gothenburg with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and El Sistema Sweden through a partnership created by the Global Leaders Program. I had a fantastic time watching everyone working together to create some very special concerts which I am sure the thousands of children participating will never forget. The above photo is in the only arena big enough to house such a huge orchestra! It really was quite incredible to see and hear!

On the subject of the tubas being stollen, I was blown away with all the messages of support and ideas which came from far and wide. I am sure through the assistance of social media shares and the police they will both turn up. The musical community I must say is incredible. So thank you everyone for your help!

I am now headed on holiday for a month to see family in Canada and also have a brief visit to New York for some sightseeing. So have a great summer and I look forward to writing again in August!

F :)

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