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March... all a bit last minute!

Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern

Großes Haus, Gera

March was a surprising amount of travel and jumping in to help out with some orchestras. In the first week of the month I got a call on Monday evening at 5pm to be in Kaiserslautern to play with the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie for a week. It was not the easiest journey logistically, but after running home from teaching, throwing my tails and my clothes for a week into a suitcase, I managed to run and get the last train out of Dresden. I arrived at Frankfurt Hbf the next morning at 2 am and realised I had a 3 hour wait for my next train, so grabbed a hotel for some hours rest. I then continued onto Kaiserslautern, and managed to be there and have time for a warm up before the rehearsal at 9.30am. It was a fun tuba-heavy programme, with John Adams Chairman Dances and a dance suite from Bartok which I had never really come across.

Following the week in Kaiserslautern I was home doing my normal teaching and got another call to go to Gera and play some ballet for the weekend. Giselle was the piece, which was quite a good experience as I have not been in a pit in years.

Musaik also had a couple of concerts in March in the Deutsche Hygiene Museum and Rathaus Dresden. The kids played great and the audience feedback was fantastic. The programme is getting better and better and it never ceases to amaze me the rate at which the kids are learning!

More news soon

Fraser :)

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