A successful concert and a bit of psychology

The past two weeks have been rather hectic with a nice project with the HfMT Köln Brass Ensemble and organ, culminating in a concert to a packed church in Brauweile on the 16th June. The programe included a nice mix of early and modern music and was directed by Mathius Keifer, a trumpet player from the Gürzenich Orchestra in Köln. It was a great opportunity to learn from Mathius and also get to play with some of my colleagues from the school for the first time in such an ensemble. Yesterday I began working with Mike Cunningham on the subject of mind training for auditions and other high pressure situations that a musician comes across often in their career. Having read several books on this

Audition preperation and Elias

This weekend was rather busy with the first rehearsal on Friday for the HfMT Brass concert on the 16th of June. Then I continued this past month's Mendelssohn theme and headed to Oldenburg to play Elias (which involved A LOT of waiting around!) on Saturday and Sunday. The choir and soloists were fantastic and the audience seemed to have a great time, which they showed with a standing ovation! I am now back in Köln and am in audition mode for the next three weeks, with auditions in Weimar, Geneva, and Munich. Lots of travel and very many performances of the Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto to get through. I also had my first meeting about my new project, the Deutsche Education Orchestra. It wil

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