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After January's relaxed couple of recording sessions and time to practice, February was CRAZY!!!!! Musaik had our big holiday project and concert which consumed most of my time and energy. I had some time to do a couple of concerts here and there, but for the most part the project took up the month. I got a chance to conduct the full orchestra and also arrange some music for the kids to play. It was really fun! Following the amazing concert where the orchestra played together for the first time, we had a small break for a week. We did however take the wind and brass kids to watch a rehearsal for the Dresden Philharmonie Star Wars concert, which was an incredible experience for the students since not only had they never heard a live orchestra before, but they had also never been inside the Philharmonie. It was a pretty incredible day all together and the musicians of the orchestra and the management were extremely welcoming! More news soon! Fraser :)

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