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A successful tour!

World Brass rehearsing before Thursday's concert

The students hearing "Fnugg!" for the first time

Our quintet concert review in the Jülich local paper this weekend

The last three weeks have been pretty hectic with lots of travel, concerts, and workshops. This week I have returned to Dresden and am catching up with many things including some arranging of Piazzolla for our violin/tuba duo. We had our first rehearsal last Saturday in Cologne and we have decided on a programme of music to arrange, with the emphasis on folk melodies from different countries. We are also luckily having 3 brand new works written for us by Mijin Oh from South Korea, Johannes Marks from Germany, and Daniel Cueto from Peru. I am really excited about this project as it is a really interesting sound to experiment with, and I can't wait to hear what the composers come up with. I also now have the final draft of my solo piece from Richard Greer, which looks like a great challenge. Please check out some of the composers below who are involved in this project!



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