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Back to my Roots!

This past month has been quite busy on the organising front for future projects, as well as some free time to prepare for some up and coming auditions. I had a concert a couple of weeks ago playing with the local brass band, conducted by Eoin Tonner, who I studied with in Glasgow at the RSAMD. The concert saw me return to the Eb tuba for the first time in 3 years. It was an interesting first evening but eventually it all came flooding back. It was very interesting to find some things which I used to find impossible were now much much easier! So a few years away from it seemed not to have done much harm. The brass band scene in Germany is relatively young, and it was great seeing the commitment of everyone involved who came together for an intense 4 day project and worked extremely hard to put on what turned out to be a fantastic concert! Just now I am preparing my application for the Global Leaders Program to further develop my skills in running bigger projects and giving something back to the community. I am very much hoping to start something soon in Dresden in a teaching capacity and this course looks very much like it will give me the tools to progress with that further with regards to funding, etc. More news soon. Fx

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