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A Big Announcement!

Hello Everyone!

I am very pleased to announce that I have recently won a place on The Global Leaders Program for their 2018 program beginning this September. Part of this program will see me travel to Gothenburg, Sweden and Panguipulli, Chile where I will be researching, and exchanging ideas with other likeminded people in order to realise my project to begin a brass ensemble for refugees in Dresden. I am extremely excited to be headed off on some new adventures and learning experiences from September and cannot wait for to meet the fellow programme members.

What exactly is the Global Leaders Program I hear you say? Well I am glad you asked, below is a brief description of the programme from their website and a link for further info if you wish to know more!

Greetings from Bremen,

F x

The Global Leaders Program

The Global Leaders Program is a nine-month professional training course in Civic Leadership, Teaching Artistry, Cultural Agency, and Social Entrepreneurship offered annually to a select Cohort of 35 rising musical changemakers.

The Global Leaders Program gives participants the opportunity to grow through immersive service Missions to the world’s most dynamic communities, while receiving hands-on guidance from a Faculty of industry leaders - while pursuing a curriculum of 12 tailored academic Modules overseen by a range of top universities and private think tanks The result is a real-world, cutting- edge curriculum that empowers aspiring changemakers to become teaching artists and social entrepreneurs.


Across the world, new music education initiatives are forming based on a growing understanding of the value of music as a tool in community development. Early musical training offers children a platform to develop strong thinking, social-emotional, and physical skills that help them succeed in school, relationships, and the workforce Despite international demand for social music education initiatives, the diverse skills and experiences required to build and sustain relevant programs are not taught in conservatory practice rooms or in university lecture halls.


The Global Leaders Program works to prepare young musical leaders to build and guide the social music initiatives of tomorrow The Program combines unique on-site leadership development in diverse international settings with remote classroom training guided by a pioneering faculty Global Leaders are taught to act simultaneously as entrepreneurs, youth mentors, teaching artists, community leaders, civic advocates, dynamic performers, cultural agents, and social value creators Graduating Global Leaders are transforming the paradigm of what it means to be a great artist, and working to ensure that music initiatives continue to serve and enrich communities for generations to come.

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