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January: Total distance: 33,971.76 km (21,109.07 mi)

I made it! January 2018 saw me cover more miles in one month than I think I have in previous years! It began with an amazing and insightful trip to Frutillar, Chile, where I met the rest of the Global Leaders Cohort and we were introduced to Pretexts by Doris Sommer. We also attended a conference on Creativity which was a very interesting opportunity to hear from some of the leading thinkers and doers in the field of education today. After a great week with some incredible people, I left and flew to Estonia to join the Estonian Festival Orchestra and Paavo Järvi for a couple of days' rehearsal before heading on a European tour. This saw us land in 7 different cities for some very memorable concerts. The country is this year celebrating its 100 years of independence, and following most concerts we were treated to a reception by the local dignitaries. The Estonian Prime minister even made an appearance in Brussels! Now I am back at home in Dresden for a month with some time to prepare for my next audition, and also for my trip to Jamaica in March, where I will be getting some coaching, masterclass and teaching experience through a partnership between the GLP and the Youth Orchestra of Jamaica.

Until Next Time!

F x

Estonian Festival Orchestra in Berlin Philharmonie

Full GLP Cohort in Frutillar

EFO Trombone and Tuba Section

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